In Memory Of…

The memorials will be sorted by year they passed away.

I also want to add the mentor/friend who taught me everything I know about online radio and worked as a partner in several stations years ago as well as learning to build websites, social platforms, writing, interviewing and more.  I am dedicating this first page to Anthony Hosking – Mr. Motivator – Motivational Radio who passed away in July of 2018 and is very very much missed.  Love ya, Anthony and not gonna let what you taught me go to waste.  Forever in my thoughts.

Anthony worked in the music industry for more than 50 years.  He was self-taught and worked as a professional piano player and more.  The last decade of his life he spent working to help others with his online Motivational Radio Station.


Anthony Hosking - One Red Rose
Anthony Hosking - Mere Words
Anthony Hosking - Telling The Story
Anthony Hosking - Raining In My Heart
Anthony Hosking - Road To Hell